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Tyler is the Wordsmith’s resident procrastinator, and he has chosen to embrace this moniker because every writer’s group needs at least one. In fact, it took him two extra months just to get this bio started. But he got it done, didn’t he? A lifelong story enthusiast, Tyler loves all things entertainment: books, film, television, podcasts- you name it. And why is this, you might ask. Well, the thought randomly came to him years ago when he was sitting in a movie theater watching “Patriot’s Day.” For some reason, it just occurred to him that the reason he loves stories so much is that is where he sees God. Stories connect him to his faith, and they encourage him not only to seek out that which is good in the world, but to understand it. During his short bursts of focus, Tyler is working on two first drafts: “Snatched” is a band-of-misfits tale that finds a guilt-ridden thief forced to seek out his former group of gifted accomplices after his soul is stolen. “The Last Phoenix” is a fantasy adventure that sees a chronic daydreamer’s journey to save his home after it’s invaded by barbarians, and his only hope lies in a legend of the last phoenix. A proud nerd, he’s always down to discuss anything superhero, film, TV, or fantasy related. As of 1-9-23, he has completed 102 escape rooms.

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