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Catherine is the Wordsmiths’ resident CatholicGeek and Discord-Server-Master. She is one of the founding members of the group, invited by Little back in fall of 2019, and regularly goes on #lyricaltangents about any and everything related to her faith, Tolkien, Chesterton, and any of her fandoms. She became a published author in her senior year of highschool, because she’s a nerd and loves telling others about how to properly defend their faith. Her book is called How to Become a Heroic Catholic, and can be found on Amazon & Barnes & Noble websites. In college she had a stint as a featured writer for an international Catholic magazine, but now she’s taking a break from non-fiction to focus on the story that has haunted her thoughts for over ten years. Weaving musical puns with characters bold & brave, Maestro & Mage is an epic fantasy series that just keeps growing. When she’s not writing, Catherine works as a Youth Minister down in South Louisiana where she shares her love of Catholicism with high schoolers & middle schoolers alike. If she has any free time, she plays DnD & bakes too many cakes and cookies to count.

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