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Wordsmith Awards & Titles

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Robert joined the Wordsmiths in the summer of 2022 when long-time friend and Wordsmith, Paige, introduced him to the group. As the most junior member of the wordsmiths, Robert does his best to learn and improve in storytelling and writing. Taking inspiration from various forms of media, from video games to the classics. He often looks to Brandon Sanderson, C.S. Lewis, and endless mythologies for writing and creating stories. He dreams of fantastical worlds that hopefully lead to deeper Truths. As well as just doing it for the love of the game. By day, Robert counts nuts and bolts as an engineer, and he can do countless activities or hobbies in his free time. He has a deep love for staying active, whether hitting the gym, being outdoors hunting and skiing, or finding new hobbies like bouldering or flight lessons. Robert believes that the stories we read and tell form us as people. It forms our minds, body, and soul. The pursuit of storytelling can help lead us to reach that ultimate goal, Heaven.

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