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Wordsmith Awards & Titles



Lauren is a chaos writer and suffers from chronic foresight-phobia. (Never ask her what her plan is.) She spent most of her teenage years inhaling any book she could get her hands on, and only seriously started writing at the end of 2019. Her current project is Neon Monsters, a cyberpunk monster hunting book that perfectly blends together her aesthetic of rock, glitter and gore. A big fan of tragedies and breaking structure, she sees writing as a triple dog dare and acts accordingly. Actively resisting Catherine’s attempts to make her a worldbuilder, she writes for The Vibes and The Angst, and considers it a personal failing if her book doesn’t make you want to have an existential crisis. Coincidentally, this is also her reading taste. If it doesn’t make her consider therapy, she’s not interested. Currently, she’s balancing the crackhead artist with her ongoing finance degree, and works as a tutor and research assistant. Operating under the belief that she’s both the main character and the author of her life, she’s prone to making horrible romantic decisions, having existential crises, and making badly timed murder jokes. Unfortunately, no one has died. (Yet.)

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