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Wordsmith Awards & Titles

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Paige is the internet-loving chaos writer of the group. She has been working on her debut novel, University, since joining the WordSmiths during the pandemic, which continues to have a heavy influence on her story. She published her first piece of writing with Short Fiction Break and hopes to one day create a collection of unsettling short horror pieces. The majority of her work is a mix of young adult, science fiction, and dystopian horror, which just happens to be her favorite reading genre, too. Her favorite book series are Neal Schusterman’s Unwind dystology, and the Ashes trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick. She also adores the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and every iteration of Spider-Man that exists. When she’s not waiting for her own radioactive spider bite, Paige is either napping, playing spooky video games, or going on an adventure with her husband, Nick. She works full time as a radiology and recovery travel nurse, and is excited to find out where she’ll be moving to next.

Paige's Latest Posts

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