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Wordsmith Awards & Titles



Grace infiltrated the WordSmiths in 2022 and has been making them regret it ever since. She’s been collecting myths and urban legends since she “wasted” (as her critics claim) her undergraduate degree studying Latin, Anglo-Saxon, and folklore. She flavors her fiction with both the eldritch and the transcendental. Though fantasy will always be her first love, she writes (and reads) across genres, craving stories that are emotionally devastating and hauntingly beautiful. She thinks the best art is the most truthful, and the best Truths are both arresting and strange. She boasts an array of shelved novel manuscripts, but her most recent (and resilient) WIP is an Eros & Psyche retelling steeped in Welsh lore. She lives in The Country ™️ in a Catholic lay community (that is definitely not a cult, despite what the neighbors think) where she wrangles horses, plants gardens, and tames wild animals (works in youth ministry). One of these days she’ll climb enough mountains and get skilled enough at lyre-playing to complete her transformation into a Hobbit. Her most ardent goal as a writer is to make Flannery O’Connor proud.


Her short fiction has appeared in Create/Encounter magazine. She Tweets about writing @/graceswritesalt on Twitter.

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