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Welcome to
Inkwells and Anvils

Inkwells and Anvils is the official home of the Wordsmiths, a group of Catholic friends and amateur writers. Though we're all still learning our craft, our love of writing comes from the sheer joy of it; the joy of creating stories that share beauty and truth together.
Take off your shoes, pour a cup of hot liquid (coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or something a little stronger, we won’t judge) and enjoy your stay. We’re so glad you’re here!

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Who are the Wordsmiths?

Established in fall of 2019, the Wordsmiths began as a couple friends sharing their stories. From there, it has grown into a group of eight companions who share the ups and downs of both creating art and perfecting craft together.

Our Mission and Vision

"To share the beauty of truth through words, worlds, and conversation."

In a world starved for lack of wonder, we are creators seeking to re-enchant the imagination, reignite awe and passion, and redirect readers to truth. By writing and by dreaming, we desire to fill the world’s hunger for the true, good, and beautiful.

How Will We Do This?

"""Tollers, there is too little of what we really like in stories. I am afraid we shall have to try and write some ourselves."
- C.S. Lewis, to Tolkien

Through regular blog posts, podcasts, and storytelling, we intend to create the art we wish to see in the world. Working together to better our own craft, we hope to also engage and accompany other storytellers as we create a community that cultivates beauty and enduring art. Art with all its teeth.

Our inspiration

God is an artist and the Holy Spirit is infinitely creative.

We plumb the depths of stories old and new to examine eternal truths wherever they may be found. Formed by the Gospels, and the Tradition of our faith, we draw inspiration not only from spiritual writers and Catholic artists who have come before us, but from modern writers who are fighting for beauty, no matter their faith or genre

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